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The Immortal Writings of Nara Kagerou

Kink: Bondage



Kink: Bondage

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Title: KINK: Bondage
Authors: vivaesprit & naradragonfly
Words: 5,488
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Warnings: Topping-from-bottom!Jared, Bottoming-from-top!Jensen, dirty talk, light bondage, mention of snowballing and felching.
Disclaimer: Boys are not ours, SPN is not ours.
Summary: Somewhere between friends and lovers, Jared and Jensen explore trust, sex, and kink.
  • Still haven't watched Supernatural (I'll probably start this fall, since school seems to spark a need for distraction in me orz), but I read this and LOVED IT. Granted, it's not based on the series, so I didn't feel like I was missing out on much. (I get Jensen and Jared mixed up all the time, tho T_T I keep thinking Jared's Jensen and vice versa.)

    Usually, I'm against "real people" slash, just because it's... well, it's kinda creepy. But I totally approve of Jared/Jensen, because they're... well... Goddammit they're so hot together, and they're not exactly DENYING it with all their touching and glomping and hugging and tomfoolery. (Yes I said tomfoolery.)

    Anyway, A++. will buy again, please to be continuing the series :D ♥

    P.S. Were you writing Jensen Jared? ;) (AUGH I DID IT AGAIN T_T)

    Edited at 2008-09-06 10:56 am (UTC)
  • I was writing Jared primarily, yes, though we tried to blur the lines as much as possible.

    I totally agree, though. J2 is my only RPS couple, and the first time I wrote them, I was all AUGH THIS CREEPS ME OUT. But, as aformentioned, them and their tomfoolery... I think, a little bit, because they're so perfect together, it makes me want to believe in true love outside of stories.

    My own pet theory is that Jensen knows and wants him, and Jared is obliviously over-affectionate. Which, in this story's prequel, led to Jensen wearing this:


    And Jared just... climbed on top of him and started grinding a few minutes later. Because how can you see that picture and NOT want to climb him?

    The prequel may or may not get polished into readable form at some point.
    • Omfg, what's with the "Come fuck me" face???! DDDDDDD: *drools* Yeah, there's no way Jared can resist that, fufu >D
  • *STALKS*
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