June 22nd, 2011


Prince of Kriti

Hey superstars, guess what?

I'm now published.

Prince of Kriti

In sun-kissed Kriti, called Keftiu, the Holy Island, Prince Horu is one year away from claiming his throne. His aunt, the Ice Queen Isabo who serves as Regent, has no intentions of letting that happen. Horu turns to his uncle Deinos, his greatest ally, but soon begins to suspect that Deinos has been playing a game, and Horu is only one of many pawns.

Unsure who to trust and torn between love and sexuality, Horu discovers that his relatives aren’t the only ones who are scheming to take the throne. Trapped in nets of politics and intrigue, it will take everything Horu has in order to survive.

Thanks to Amazon's Kindle Digital Publishing. The novella is only $.99, and you don't need a kindle to read it. You can also follow my new blog, on the business of publishing and where my published works can be found, at Genevieve Rose Taylor.