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The Immortal Writings of Nara Kagerou

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25 June 1985
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  • naradragonfly@livejournal.com
  • stardustenigma
All postings in this journal original property of Nara Kagerou. Don't take anything without permission or I'll have my minions hunt you down and tear you limb from limb.

This is the writing journal for stardustenigma. I write on a large variety of topics, but most of my recent stories are male/male erotica. Stories will always be behind a cut if I feel they need warnings for content.

I accept tribute in the form of sweets, shiny things, virgin sacrifices and sexual favors in general.

My pen names tend to change as I age, with my moods, with my subject material, and with the submission requirements of different mediums. The ones I currently use are: Nara Dragonfly, Nara Kagerou, Lady Enigma, and Stardust Enigma, and all archived stories should link back to this journal, which is where stories will be posted first.

For those looking for my writing and story archives:
Most of my stuff can be found on LJ, it tends to get posted here first, and will usually be hidden under the tags "writing" or "porn".
Stories posted on bb_shousetsu will NOT be cross-posted on my lj. I always make announcements when one of my stories is published there. Quick way to find them there is in the SSBB archive, under the tag Nara Kagerou.
If, for some reason, a story has gone missing (I forgot to tag it, for example), you can also find plenty of my stuff archived at the following
Literotica.com (under "naradragonfly")
Y! Gallery http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/ (under "ladyenigma")

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